When was the last time you did math?

We’re serious! Outside of high school, can you remember the last time that you actually sat down at a desk, took out your calculator, and crunched some numbers? If you’re like most Canadians, we’re going to guess… not recently.
Unless you work in an industry like finance, engineering, or accounting where you work with numbers on a regular basis, your lonely calculator is probably sitting in a drawer somewhere collecting dust. That can prove to be quite a problem come tax time.

Doing your own taxes is a despised annual event the world over. It seems like no one enjoys going through receipts, pay slips, and all of the other assorted bric-a-brac you accumulate (or misplace) throughout the year. It usually ends up a big mess, without any kind of organization, stored in a shoebox or drawer because human beings generally find it “too much fuss’ to carefully sort these things month by month. Then comes the worst part… Actually getting it all down on paper.

So the question has to be asked. Is Do-It-Yourself tax filing really a good idea? Is it really worth putting your rusty math skills to use once a year at the risk of overpaying on your taxes?

The “Good Ol’ Days”

DIY tax filing comes down to two methods.

The first and original tax method is to use old-fashioned pen and paper. You spread everything out at the dining room table, dust off your calculator, sit down, and start to bang your head against 12 months of your finances. Sure, you might miss half your deductions because you aren’t sure where to look, but at least you’ll have the satisfaction of putting that giant envelope in the mail, reasonably certain that you’ve gotten most of the math right. Right????

Obsolete Software

The second and, in recent years, more popular method is to sit down at your computer and try to navigate your way through a piece of unnecessarily complicated software designed to make filing your taxes easier but, oddly enough, is still a complete headache. It’s a big improvement over the old analogue method, but there are still major drawbacks. For the price you pay for the software, it should really be doing your taxes itself! At least with online filing, you can be sure that they will reach the CRA in time, but that might be the only thing most of these programs have going for them.

Accountant +/-

The big alternative to tax-DIY is to hire someone to do your taxes. This too comes with its own headaches, the big one being money. Hiring an accountant costs more money. Then there’s the fact that you have to make the time to go see the accountant. That means getting everything organized enough that it’s ready to hand over to a professional, and also finding the time to actually get over to their office to see them.

Absolutely, yes, a professional will do a far better job on your taxes. A good accountant will be able to find every single deduction and credit, getting you the highest refund possible. They’ll make sure that you aren’t missing any tax credits or overpaying. These are big bonuses. It’s just more expensive and less convenient than is ideal for most people.

Getting with the Times

At a certain point, somebody had to look at all of the options and say, “Nope, all of that sounds terrible. We need a better way to do this…”

All of the previous tax filing methods were either pre-technology, like pen and paper, or old technology, like desktop computer software. The next step in the natural evolution of tax filing is mobile technology. If you can write a letter, read a book, order a cab, or watch a movie on your phone, then why couldn’t it also help you do your taxes?

On the other hand, it’s also important that mobile technology not sacrifice the importance of human expertise with something important like taxes.

TAXplan has figured it all out. We’ve put the convenience of uploading your tax documents into a smartphone app, and cut out the inconveniences of the brick and mortar part of hiring an accountant, but you still get human expertise, now at minimal costs.

With TAXplan, all you have to do is answer a few questions online, and a TAXpro optimized your taxes to minimize what you owe and maximize your refund. You use the mobile Sidekick to upload all your documents, and a professional takes care of the rest.

The TAXplan method of doing your taxes is simple, easy, and we’re kind of stunned that no one else in Canada came up with it earlier. It couldn’t be more convenient.

Ok… How Much?

The first step is to get your free quote. You simply tell us your first name, answer a couple of very fast, simple questions, and BAM; you’ll have your quote. At the quote stage, there’s no confidential information exchanged; you can simply get some quick information about the cost. It only takes a minute, why not see what it would cost for you to utilize TAXplan to file your taxes?

If you decide to move ahead with TAXplan, you’ll be guided through the rest of the user-friendly process and you’ll be amazed by just how easy and, well, current tax filing is now. And why shouldn’t it be? We live in a fast-moving, modern world, and it’s about time that tax filing got with the program.

That’s It?

That’s it.


Oh yeah!

This is why so many Canadians are turning to TAXplan. Everything is safe, secure, convenient, and stress-free. The simple process is designed to make it as smooth as possible to coordinate with a TAXpro so that they can optimize your taxes for the best possible results.

We’ve completely eliminated the headache of doing your taxes, simplifying the process while making sure that you get every single dollar of your refund that you’re entitled to.

So skip the math this year. You don’t need it. (Of course, there are lots of uses for math in today’s world. We know there are, we were told that by our high school math teacher.) But, thank heavens, now you don’t have to worry it when doing your taxes because TAXplan does that part for you. Why not click here to get a quick free quote? It certainly beats the DIY alternative!


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