Get Ready for the 2017 Tax Season with TAXplan Canada!

Looking to file your taxes this year but not sure how?  Tired of paying accountant prices for tax preparation? Is preparing your tax return yourself not your thing? TAXplan has the solution. This year we have 2 simple ways to help you file your return on time and get the biggest bang for your dollar:


Ways To File:


  1. In person – Book an appointment with a TAXplan TAXpro today and get started on your refund. We’ll answer all your questions and make sure you get every credit and deduction available to you.
  2. Online – Fill out our short questionnaire and a TAXplan TAXpro will get back to you with a checklist of tax documents we will need from you to accurately prepare your return eliminating the need to meet in person. At TAXplan we save you both time and money! Get started on your 2017 tax profile today!

 Ways To Save:

TAXplan believes in giving back – which is why we always have promotions to help you through tax season:



Don’t keep us a secret. If you’re happy with our service tell a friend. You’ll get refunded $25 and your friend will receive $25 off their tax preparation bill. It’s win-win!


Are you a post-secondary student with tuition fees? Have your 2017 tax returned filed for FREE! – (Conditions: total income must be $20,000 or less. Must Provide an official T2202A receipt from school or institution. Does not include tax returns with self-employment, rental and/or employment expenses.)


Finally – here’s something to keep in mind this tax season…..

CRA accepting tax returns 6 days later:

That means that 2017 tax returns will now be accepted by the CRA on Feb.26/18 – that’s 6 days later than last year. If you are absolutely dependent on your tax refund and benefits you’ll have to wait longer to receive it as they won’t start arriving until March so be prepared and get your tax documents into TAXplan as soon as you can. Not sure which documents you need to give us?  Fill out a TAXplan Questionnaire and we’ll tell you exactly what we need from you.