Have you ever wondered if your family is missing a potential tax credit? What if there was a way to guarantee the maximum available tax refund for your family? Wouldn’t it be nice to have peace of mind knowing that your family is prepared and fully optimized for tax season?

The modern family is busy and complex. A flexible, convenient, and cost effective tax solution goes a long way to meet your family’s ever-growing needs. And you definitely don’t need the added expense of a brick and mortar tax office that rolls their operating overhead into your tax bill.

The new TAXplan app is changing the way that Canadian families manage their taxes. With its customized features, the app moulds itself around your unique family profile and optimizes your tax results to meet your family’s specific tax season requirements. Based on your family’s profile, the app will generate a straightforward checklist that you can follow and complete with ease. The app invites you to create multiple profiles and you can assign expenses to specific family members. No matter your marital status, whether you have one or multiple adults in the family, and however many children, teens, and dependents, the app will customize itself to meet your needs.

A tax professional—TAXpro—will oversee your filing, offering you ultimate convenience, maximum returns, and minimal costs. It’s the only tax app that pushes your return to a TAXpro for filing, freeing you up to focus on more important things, like spending quality time with your family.

Now, families never have to worry about missing a tax credit. From the Canada child tax benefit (CCTB), the Universal child care benefit (UCCB), the Working income tax benefit (WITB), Provincial and territorial programs, and Children’s special allowances (CSA), the TAXplan app and TAXpro who is processing your file will ensure that every possible credit is optimized.

The user-friendly platform couldn’t be easier. Simply photograph or upload documents as they become available to you. The app provides an ideal way to keep track of your family’s expenses throughout the year as part of your document checklist so that your file is ready when you are come tax season. You can also control notifications and document reminders.

Over 80% of tax filing is now done digitally, but most of the tax tools have actually become quite antiquated. The new TAXplan app is revolutionizing Canadian tax season for families who can now say goodbye to traditional cookie cutter tax practices in favour of convenience, flexibility, and functionality.

Full-time tuition-paying students in your family are eligible for free tax return filing, and you can receive a quote for your household after answering just a few short questions. Download the TAXplan app for free to create your family’s profiles, get a quote, and start managing your family’s taxes and finances today.

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