Does anyone really enjoy doing their family’s taxes? What if you knew that you were getting the highest possible refund? Would that change your feelings about tax season?

Figuring out your family’s annual income tax is far more complex than in your parents’ day. Today, there’s a much higher likelihood of multiple incomes in the family, and there’s a greater variety of tax credits and documents to sort through.

Your Family is Not a Cookie

Modern families don’t fit into a cookie cutter mould. You might be a single parent with a working teenager, or a blended family with child support payments, or some of the income earners in your household might collect income from multiple sources. In addition to your T4(s) you might have “Other Income” to declare. And what about investments? These days it just isn’t very straightforward.

Often times, completing and filing your taxes can take multiple days out of your life and leave you with a very high level of stress. Trying to make sure that you have every important document and that you aren’t missing a credit, deduction, or rebate can be wearing, to say the least. How can you optimize the experience of doing your family’s taxes, to minimize the headache and maximize your tax return?

Well, there’s some good news. It’s now 2017 and the tax solution for families couldn’t be easier.

Tax Filing for Modern Families

We know that you have a busy family life and need a convenient, stress-free way to have your taxes not just completed, but optimized to get the highest possible refund.

The answer is TAXplan. It’s an online program that combines the convenience of DIY tax software with the reliability of using a tax professional. You can use the very simple and user-friendly web app to get started, and then download the Sidekick mobile app from the Apple or Google Play store to snap your photos and upload your documents. Then a TAXpro–a tax professional–will make sure that every available tax credit is utilized so that you get the absolute highest possible refund.

We’re a family business and family people–and we totally get it. We’re the children of hard-working Italian immigrants, and we know that nothing is more important than family. That’s why we designed TAXplan; to help families across Canada maximize their tax savings, so they have money to spend on the important things in life.

Then & Now

In the past, if you wanted to hire professionals to do your taxes, you needed to bring the documents to them. Between dropping your kids off at ball hockey or dance class, making dinner, and checking homework, this just isn’t convenient. Plus, tax offices that operate with a brick and mortar store have a lot of overhead, and those costs get rolled out to you. This can make hiring a professional very cost-prohibitive.

On the other hand, if you decide to do your taxes yourself or to use DIY software, a lot can go wrong. It just doesn’t work out in the long run. A few years ago, we noticed just how many clients were turning to us after painful reassessments due to mistakes made using DIY tax software. Yikes! On top of that, when you do your taxes yourself, you often end up worrying that you may have made a mistake or that you’ve missed an eligible credit. Who needs more to worry about?

With TAXplan, we’ve combined the convenience of digital filing with the peace of mind that comes with a tax professional. In other words, we’ve optimized the entire experience of doing your taxes.

How It Works

The web app adapts to you; it allows you to build a unique profile for yourself and your family. Once you’ve answered a couple of quick questions, received your quote, and decided to move forward, you’ll receive a detailed tax return checklist that’s specific to your family. All you need to do is follow the checklist and you won’t miss a step.

If your family is a little more complex than the “average” household with 2.5 kids (now that must be crazy!), you’ll be able to create multiple profiles for your family members. That way you can be sure that everyone in your family is accounted for, no matter what their age or marital status.

It’s simple to take digital photos of your important tax documents with the Sidekick app. Snap the images and they’ll be synced with your file. You don’t have to worry about losing track of your documents ever again. They’ll all be stored safely online, protected by some of the best digital security on the net.

Then comes the best part. When it’s time to file your taxes, one of our TAXpros will go through your entire file to make sure you get every single rebate and deduction that’s available to you. It’s simple, easy, very reasonably priced, and you’ll get the most money back possible.

Don’t Miss Out

Don’t miss out on eligible credits and deductions simply because you don’t know where to look for them. Our TAXpros know the ins and outs of Canadian tax laws and regulations. Get the most money back and pay the least amount of taxes possible every time, and spend less time dealing with your taxes and more time with your family. Click here to get started.

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