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Peter DeFrancesco,  CFP®

Executive Financial Consultant
Investors Group Financial Services Inc., I.G. Insurance Services Inc.

CFP, CLU, PFP, RRC, B.Ed., B.Sc.(Hons.)

Peter DeFrancesco has been helping high net-worth professionals, business owners and families manage their wealth since 1997. His detailed and highly refined approach to wealth management consistently exceeds clients’ expectations. 

Peter specializes in tax, estate and retirement planning. He is a contributing author to financial textbooks and courses for the Canadian Securities Institute, he teaches Personal Financial Planning and he delivers seminars on tax, investment and retirement planning to businesses. An avid reader, Peter keeps scrupulously up to date on relevant financial trends to give clients his best financial advice.


As a Certified Financial Planning professional, I understand the importance tax planning and preparation play in the overall financial success of my clients.  I also get the added benefit of offering my clients a valuable service that helps me to better serve their financial planning needs.  Over the years, I’ve  referred several  clients to TAXplan with satisfied results.  TAXplan’s TAXpros really know their stuff.  They are thorough, accurate and a pleasure to work with. 

The information provided is a source of general information only and not a solicitation to purchase any products or services. Views and endorsements expressed are those of Peter Defrancesco only and do not represent the views or endorsements of Investors Group. Trademarks, including IG Private Wealth Management, are owned by IGM Financial Inc. and licensed to its subsidiary corporations. “

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  • If you accept the quote to have TAXplan prepare your taxes, now it’s time to really get started
  • Set up an encrypted TAXplan account
  • Answer a five-minute questionnaire to help your TAXpro assess your eligibility for certain tax credits and deductions

Step 3: Upload Your Documents

  • Download the TAXplan Sidekick mobile app to your Android or iOS smartphone
  • Use the Sidekick app to take pictures of your documents. The app automatically uploads them to your existing encrypted TAXplan account
  • Use the customized TAXplan checklist to ensure you’ve uploaded all the necessary documents
  • Click on Start My Return and your info will be sent to your TAXpro to prepare your tax return

Step 4: Pay & Sign Your Tax Return

  • Your TAXpro will crunch your numbers and contact you via email to review your completed tax summary
  • Once you’ve paid your fee, e-sign your completed tax return
  • Click Sign & File in the web app to have TAXplan file your return on your behalf
  • Watch for helpful alerts and notices from your TAXpro throughout the year to help you prepare for next year’s tax return

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