Despite the fact that over 80% of tax filing is now done digitally, most entrepreneurs and small business owners feel that they need to hire an accountant. That’s not surprising considering that most digital tax tools have become very out-dated. Last year’s tax filing systems may have been “good enough” for personal tax filing, but it’s natural that self-employed people have put their trust in human expertise rather than antiquated tax software.

As of February 2016, that’s all changed. New, revolutionary tax technology has been designed with the self-employed business owner and entrepreneur in mind. The new TAXplan app is the first and only tax app in Canada that connects your data directly to a professional tax expert – a TAXpro – for filing. Now, you can have the benefit of real human expertise coupled with the convenience of a user-friendly, straightforward smartphone app, and it will fit your stealthy budget.

The TAXplan app is much more cost effective than accounting and bookkeeping fees without compromising on quality or accuracy. In fact, a TAXpro checks every self-employed tax return in detail and optimizes it for the best possible tax results. You can connect with a TAXpro using the messaging app, ask questions, and get support in the most convenient, stress-free way possible.

Your time is valuable and as a busy self-employed entrepreneur, you don’t have time to juggle the role of bookkeeper. With the TAXplan app you can easily photograph and catalogue your receipts and expenses. The app will organize and save them to your digital history in just a few clicks. You can upload additional .xls documents to give your TAXpro additional information and insights into your unique business. The system creates a digital audit trail for that just-in-case scenario, and it’s far more thorough and safe than a paper trail. The innovative Expense Tracker manages bookkeeping for you by tracking expenses and you can generate a report at the end of the year.

TAXplan is the quickest, most convenient, and reliable way to track your business expenses with high level oversight by a TAXpro tax professional. Providing professional tax preparation services online isn’t only convenient; it’s also the definitive way to get the maximum possible tax return with minimal costs.

Download the free TAXplan app today to follow the straightforward checklist and get started.

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