Special Opportunity for Canadian Students – Professional Tax filing for Free!


They say the best things in life are free, and that much is certainly true for Canadian students thanks to the TAXplan student promotion. What better way to initiate yourself into the world of income tax than by having your tax return prepared by a TAXpro free of charge via the new cutting edge TAXplan app?

Some people underestimate just how busy the life of a student can be. Students are under a lot of pressure with a heavy workload, a full schedule, and decisions to be made for the future. You just don’t have the time or bandwidth to hassle with your tax return, and why spend money to have it done when you can do it for free with the new app?

With this easy way to organize your life, you can spend your time on more important priorities, like your school obligations. The TAXplan app provides the easiest method available for keeping track of school expenses, work payments, and other financial details.

In 2016, TAXplan will prepare free tax returns for students for the 2015 tax year. If you’re a full-time, post-secondary student with tuition fees then this special app is exactly right for you. All you have to do is provide your tuition forms from your educational institution; just snap a photograph with the new TAXplan app. Easily upload and organize your tax documents and keep a digital history of your tax file via the app. The app will take care of the rest!

The convenient, user-friendly platform can be accessed right from your phone or tablet. Photograph or upload your documents and follow the straightforward checklist in just a few clicks. Your tax return will be ready in just 24-48* hours!

The messenger feature lets you chat with a TAXpro—a certified tax professional. Whether you’re new to doing your taxes or already have a bit of experience, this is a great way to learn more about your taxes. There’s no such thing as a silly question. Ask anything you like, get support, get a better understanding of the Canadian tax system, and learn about your own tax situation. It’s couldn’t be easier than with the convenient app.

When you file your taxes for free with TAXplan, you set yourself up for a bright financial future. The app helps you to set course for an optimal TAXplanning lifestyle, going beyond tax season to maximize your overall financial potential.

Never miss a potential tax credit. Get the most money back possible from your refund, and minimize unnecessary debt with the help of the TAXpros. They’ll not only optimize your tax return; they’ll also set you up in the best position for ongoing financial planning and management. You can use the TAXplan photo feature throughout the year to easily keep track of school expenses. Email or upload documents as you get them so they’ll be ready and waiting for you come tax season.

The app is free and easy so you can get started now. Why wait? Download the TAXplan app today and get started.


**Available for full-time, post-secondary students with tuition fees only; must be able to provide tuition forms from the educational institution. Income must be below $20,000/year. Available for the current tax year.