Are you a student? Or maybe you’re the parent of a budding young student?

If you are, then you know that the life of a student is not easy. Between attending classes and lectures, completing homework, assignments, and big projects, studying, taking exams, and the pressure to succeed, being a student can actually be even more stressful than life in the full-time working world.

Isn’t it time students caught a break?

Well, Canadian students have finally lucked out in at least one area of their lives. Maybe surprisingly, that lucky area is actually tax filing.

Now first, let’s go through a couple of questions. As a student, how well do you understand the tax filing process? Do you feel ready to file your taxes this time of year, or is it something you dread?

When you were a kid, your first exposure to tax season was probably watching and listening to your parents. Boy, can that look like a mess! Does this sound familiar? Huge piles of bills and receipts stacked up on the dinner table, a calculator that looks like it’s about to burst into flames from overuse, your parents’ longing looks at the bottle of wine sitting just out of reach in the kitchen…

Then, as a teenager when it was your turn to start filing your taxes, odds are that your parents might have helped you out with your first few tax returns. More paper stacked on the dinner table, more exploding calculators, and probably some stressful arguing and confusion mixed into the mess.

Changing with the Times

Doesn’t that whole system just seem really out of date?

Well, you’re right. It is completely out of date, and these days it’s also totally unnecessary. As a young person, you can avoid that huge mess and all of the chaos that comes with it.

When you look at the huge level of paperwork that your parents have to deal with, tax season can seem overwhelming to the extreme. That’s why so many adults and entrepreneurs hire someone else to do their taxes for them. It’s always better to get someone to do your taxes who knows all of the ins and outs, the deductions, and credits. But as a student, you couldn’t possibly afford to hire someone to do your taxes for you, right?

Not necessarily! As with most things in this world, there’s an app for exactly that. But this app is quite special because it actually connects you with a tax professional–a TAXpro–who will optimize your tax return for you to make sure that you get the highest possible refund. That way you get convenience of technology and the expertise of a real human professional.

And guess what? As a student, it’s 100% free!

Great News for Students

At TAXplan, we believe that given all of the other stressors that university or college puts on you, the last thing you should worry about is learning an old-fashioned way to do your tax returns. That’s why we are offering to process your student tax returns completely for free.

If you’re in a full-time post-secondary program, you can lift the pressure of taxes off your back for every year you’re enrolled as a student. As long as your total income is $20,000 or less, TAXplan will take care of it for you, free of charge. All you need to do is provide an official T2202A receipt from your school or institution to show your enrollment and you’re all set. (One small disclaimer, though – this free offer doesn’t include tax returns for self-employment, rental, and/or employment expenses.)

Maximize Your Refund

There are so many benefits to having professionals do your taxes. We know what to look for. We know how to leverage all of the tax credits to make sure that you get as much money back as possible. You’ll be able to get every single eligible student-specific credit and deduction. If it’s available, we’ll make sure it’s included. We’ll use our expertise to maximize your tax refund.

You don’t have to worry about claiming your education amount, textbook tax credit, public transit tax credit, or anything else. We’ll take care of all of it for you. There’s a much easier way to collect receipts and keep track of your pay stubs. All you have to do to get started is to click here to access the user-friendly TAXplan web app, and then you can download mobile Sidekick to easily snap photos of your receipts and documents. It couldn’t be easier.

Are You Missing Out on “Free” Money?

There are so many students out there who miss out on eligible credits and deductions, simply because they do their taxes themselves. That means that you don’t just have a lot of added stress from trying to do it yourself, but you could also be losing money. Not a great deal! Our TAXpros will ensure that you get the most money back and pay the least amount of taxes possible every time.

Technology Rocks

So, what else do you need to do? Once you’ve created your account on the web app, you can download the TAXplan Sidekick from either the Apple or Google Play store. The Sidekick makes it easy to record of your essential purchases. Snap photos as you go and they’ll automatically sync with your file throughout the year, ready and waiting for you come tax season.

From public transit tickets to textbooks, it’s better to upload too many receipts than too few. Every document that your school gives you that involves money should be photographed and uploaded. Don’t forget your pay stubs, government tax forms, or any other official documentation that could be useful during tax time. Basically, snap a photo of everything–you never know when it will come in handy. Having this digital record (instead of stacks of receipts piled on the dinner table) is the way of the future.

Spread the Word!

Remember, the most convenient, progressive, and cost-effective (what’s more cost-effective than free?) way to keep track of your financial information and get the most money back is by using the TAXplan app. It’s the only app in Canada that connects you with TAXpros who know the ins and outs of the Canadian tax laws and regulations, and that’s completely free for students. So what are you waiting for? Tell all of your friends and click here to get started now.

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