Cross-Border Taxes

Are you a U.S. expat with a tax filing obligation in the United States? Are you a Canadian with U.S. income? Do you need to file a U.S. & Canadian tax return?  Our TAXpros are experts in both Canadian and U.S. tax laws. If you’re filing a U.S. and Canadian tax return we can help with the following:

  • Prepare a U.S. federal and state income tax return
  • U.S. tax calculations
  • U.S. and Canada treaty benefits
  • Coordination of U.S. and Canadian deductions and credits

U.S Expats & Canadians With U.S. Income

Are you an American citizen living, working or retiring abroad? Are you a Canadian citizen with U.S. income? Our U.S. TAXpros are highly specialized agents and CPAs trained to help you fill your U.S. tax filing obligations. We’ve made filing your U.S. tax return easy and convenient. Simply fill out our U.S. TAX QUESTIONNAIRE to get started. A TAXplan TAXpro will followup with a price quote and customized checklist of tax documents we will need to prepare your U.S. tax return.

Whether you’re a Canadian with U.S. income or a U.S. Expat with a U.S. filing obligation filing your U.S. tax return couldn’t be easier:

  1. Fill out the TAXplan U.S. TAX QUESTIONNAIRE
  2. You will be assigned to a U.S. TAXpro & receive a price quote
  3. Upload your tax documents
  4. We prepare and file your U.S. tax return



You’re in luck – if you live outside the U.S. you have until June 15 to file your U.S. tax return. However, your Canadian tax return deadline is still April 30th.





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